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Fall Prevention Program

Choose and Use Equipment

  • Fall Prevention Risk Factor Specific Intervention Checklist

    The Fall Prevention Intervention Checklist can be utilized to support best practices in fall prevention. It details universal precautions for fall prevention as well as recommended fall prevention interventions for special populations at a high risk for falls or fall-related injury. 

  • RoomBuilder® Design Service

    Designing your optimal patient care environment is no easy task. Let us help facilitate the process. RoomBuilder® Design Services will partner with you and your hospital team in developing your Intelligent Patient Environment. Utilizing an evidence-based design process, Hill-Rom will help to create you a safe, efficient design backed by credible research.

  • Fall Prevention Solutions Presentation

    This animated presentation ties our products right back to the fall prevention protocol. It shows where Hill-Rom plays in the world of fall prevention, and then says how our products specifically support the protocol. Use it to show the breadth of our offering, or dive into a specific area of interest.

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