Air-Fluidized Therapy in Patients with Suspected Deep Tissue Injury

In this case series, 5 patients with 10 sDTI were placed on the Clinitron® Rite Hite® AFT therapy surface within 12 hours of having the sDTI diagnosed and were also treated with standard wound care. Even with optimal treatment, sDTI wounds may rapidly progress to Stage III-IV pressure ulcers. Of the sDTIs identified: 4 healed prior to discharge, 4 evolved into stage II ulcers, and 2 remained classified as sDTI at discharge.

  • Care Settings: Acute Care
  • Clinical Focus: Pressure Ulcer Management
  • Content Type: Journal Articles
  • Reference: Allen L, McGarrah B, Barrett D., et al. J WOCN Sept Oct, 2012