Treating Severe Pressure Ulcers in the Home Setting: Faster Healing and Lower Cost with Air Fluidized Therapy

This article describes how AFT is technologically different from Group 1 (Static devices / mattresses) and Group 2 (dynamic powered and nonpowered mattress replacements and overlays). Using the healing rates described by Ochs, (2004) Cuddigan and Ayello model treatment costs for severe ulcers. They find a net savings of $39, 642 to heal a 49-cm2 stage III/IV ulcer when using AFT compared to Group 2 surfaces. 

  • Care Settings: All Care Settings
  • Clinical Focus: Pressure Ulcer Management
  • Content Type: Journal Articles
  • Reference: Cuddigan JE, Ayello EAl. Remington Report. 2005