A Pilot Study of Pressure Ulcer Incidence and Healing of Pressure Ulcers Comparing Subjects Placed on the LAL-MCM Mattress Versus a Standard Bed SICU Mattress

This study evaluated the change in existing pressure ulcers and incidence of new pressure ulcers in surgical ICU patients using a new low-air-loss, weight-based, microclimate management (LAL-MCM) system compared to the standard SICU bed with an integrated, powered air pressure redistribution (IP-AR) surface. Incidence of supine pressure ulcers was 0% in the LAL-MCM group and 18% in the IP-AR group (P=0.046), despite more comorbidities in the patients in the LAL-MCM group.

  • Care Settings: Acute Care
  • Clinical Focus: Pressure Ulcer Management
  • Content Type: Abstracts / Posters
  • Reference: Black J, Berke C, Urzendowski G. Poster Presented at Symposium on Advances of Skin & Wound Care. 2010, Nashville, TN.