Privacy Policy - English


This policy establishes the standard for collecting, using and protecting Personal Information. It covers any Personal Information that is collected, stored, processed, or transferred in electronic form on this website.


Please read this policy carefully as it sets out the conditions under which your Personal Information will be used by HRC. If you do not agree to this use, please do not accept these conditions and your Personal Information will not be stored or used by HRC.

HRC collects stores and processes information, including Personal Information in the ordinary course of business, including through this website. HRC will use this information for analytical, communication, marketing and sales purposes. This may include using these data for contacting you in person, by mail, e-mail and phone unsolicited. By accepting this policy you agree hereto. HRC’s use of Personal Information shall be consistent with consent obtained herein. HRC will obtain a new consent if Personal Information will be used for a purpose other than designated herein.

* If you do not agree to this use, please do not accept these conditions and your Personal Information will not be stored or used by HRC.

Personal Information has the following meaning.

Personal Information means information which relates to an individual who can be identified from that information, whether or not in conjunction with any other information. Common examples of personal data which may be used by HRC in its day to day business include names, addresses, e-mail addresses, affiliation with commercial organizations (customers), user history & profiles of our website, telephone numbers and other contact details.

HRC does not collect any Sensitive Personal Information, which has the following meaning:

Sensitive Personal Information consists of data of an individual relating to the racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, physical or mental health or condition and the commission or alleged commission or any offence.

Please do not submit this type of information.

Data transfer

In addition to the intended use as described above, you agree that your Personal Information may be transferred by HRC to the USA, to any country within the European Economic Area and to any country outside the USA and the European Economic Area if that that country ensures an adequate level of protection of Personal Information. HRC has signed an agreement with HRC Inc. containing the Standard Contractual Clauses (“SCC”) as defined in the EU Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC). HRC business units in the United States must always follow the data privacy principles as contained in the

SCC, which may be more detailed than corresponding provisions of this Policy. It is possible for Personal Information to be transferred to additional countries once it has been determined that they provide a suitable level of protection.

HRC may share an individual’s Personal Information with Third Parties as required for normal business operations, including providing services and products to patients, health care professionals and employees.

Onward Transfer

When disclosing Personal Information to third parties, HRC shall only do so for the purposes identified herein. HRC shall assure that HRC’s actions align with the consent provided, in addition to any legal and/or regulatory requirements. HRC will assure and requires from these third parties, through contractual clauses and/or written agreements to adhere to a baseline of privacy and information security controls consistent with the principles laid down herein.

* If you do not agree to this transfer, please do not accept these conditions and your Personal Information will not be stored or used by HRC.


HRC takes reasonable precautions, including administrative, technical, personnel, and physical measures, to safeguard Personal Information against loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, destruction, and theft.

Legal Exceptions

Under certain limited or exceptional circumstances, HRC may, as permitted or required by applicable laws and obligations, make Personal Information available outside the scope of this policy. Examples of such circumstances include investigation of specific allegations of wrongdoing or criminal activity, protecting our employees, the public or HRC from harm or wrongdoing, cooperating with law enforcement agencies, auditing financial results or compliance activities, responding to legal requirements or process, meeting legal or insurance requirements or defending legal claims or interests, satisfying employment laws or agreements or other legal obligations, collecting debts, protecting HRC’s information assets, in emergency situations, when vital interests are at stake.

Monitoring and Enforcement

HRC is committed to monitoring and enforcing ongoing compliance with this policy and with applicable privacy laws, regulations and obligations.

Any and all potential, apparent or actual violations of this policy may be reported to HRC. HRC commits to investigate and address the issues in a diligent manner and keep the complaining party informed about the progress or outcome of an investigation.


Deletion of Personal Information

HRC reserves the right to delete from its systems Personal Information at any time at its’ discretion.


In the event of a conflict between this policy and any applicable law or regulation, the latter shall prevail.

Opt out

You may request at any time from HRC: 1) to have your Personal Information deleted and purged from our IT systems, to the extent technically possible; 2) that any further use is terminated and 3) that any Personal Information is corrected.