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Hill-Rom® Clinical Resource Center

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Educational Programs

  • Safe Transfers and Movement ™ Online Toolkit

    This toolkit is designed to be a self-guided, one-stop resource for your program needs offering a step-by-step approach with tools, industry research and information and customizable templates to support your program developmentand implementation. 

  • Safe Transfers and Movement™ Education Courses

    Hill-Rom supports continuing professional education to advance awareness, skills andto change behaviors of health care providers regarding the importance of safe patienthandling. Through the courses offered, your staff will gain a command of safe patient handling (SPH) principles and practical application. 

  • Safe Transfers and Movement ™ Program Development Workshop

    The objective of this workshop is to define and create a SPH program customized to your organization’s goals. Led by one of Hill-Rom’s Directors of SPH Programs and Services, your team will be guided through:• Create a foundation on the value of a SPH Program Plan and review theory-driven approachesto create and sustain change in your practice• Develop customized SPH policy and procedures for implementation• Develop operational processes to support your program• Create education schedules based on materials in the Safe Transfers and Movement™ Program

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