Lumbar spine forces during manoeuvring of ceiling-based and floor-based patient transfer devices

This article reviews an ergonomically-based study of the physica lloads placed on the lumbar spine of caregivers during the operation of floor-based and ceiling-based patient lifts. Ten subjects were studied in a biodynamic laboratory. Using biometric testing, the researchers found that the forces associated with operating a floor or ceiling mechanical lift were significantly reduced when compared to manually lifting of a patient. Further, the authors found that ceiling lifts were preferable to floor lifts due to the amount of anterior/posterior shear forces

  • Care Settings: All Care Settings
  • Clinical Focus: Safe Patient Handling & Fall Prevention
  • Content Type: Journal Articles
  • Reference: Marras WS, Knapik, GG, Ferguson S. Ergonomics. 2009;52(3):384-397.