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Safe Transfers and Movement Program

Element 7 Quality Improvement Metrics

Continuing program assessment and performance reviews post-implementation are indispensable to the success of a safe patient handling program. In this element, you will find a tool to assess progress toward facility goals.

  • Impact Tracker™ Quality Improvement Program

    Finances are tight. Resources are constrained. Patients and payers are demanding results. That’s why investing in the right clinical solutions is so important. With successful implementation of your new programs and products, you’re able to help patients heal faster and get back to their loved ones. You’re able to free up valuable time and resources for others who still need them. And you’re able to save your facility money.

    Now there’s a way to show the success your new programs and products are having by measuring their clinical and financial outcomes. Hill-Rom’s Impact Tracker™ Quality Improvement Program. Together, we can develop, implement and measure the results of your intervention from start to finish with hands on support when you need it most.

  • Safe Patient Handling Key Performance Indicators Scorecard

    Continual evaluation is imperative to the success of any safe patient handling program. The Goals and Key Performance Indicators Scorecard is designed to provide an avenue for self-assessment of predefined goals of a safe patient handling program at every step of implementation and maintenance.

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