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Safe Transfers and Movement Program

Element 5 Safe Patient Handling Program Implementation

Your safe patient handling program requires more than equipment to be successful; it requires a strong policy, realistic procedures, and other processes such as sling management to be effective in reaching your desired goals. You might already have a safe patient handling policy in place. If so, please review your current policy and consider strengthening some of the language to promote success in your safe lifting campaign. If you do not have a policy or wish to enhance your policy or other program elements, you can contact your Hill-Rom representative to schedule a Safe Patient Handling Development Workshop with one of our consultants. This workshop will provide your facility with the knowledge, tools and action plan to initiate and implement a successful safe patient handling program. Attendees will work through identifying goals, developing policies and procedures, creating organizational structure, and more. Within this element, you will find tools to support the development of facility-specific safe patient handling policies, methodologies for assessing patient mobility, and a tool to constructively evaluate events that lead to caregiver injury. Additionally, resources regarding the care and maintenance of lifts and slings can be found here

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