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Early Mobility

Audio & Video

  • People With Brain Injuries Heal Faster If They Get Up And Get Moving (Audio)
    Kroen GC | National Public Radio (NPR) | 2015

    In this National Public Radio (NPR) feature story, Kate Klein and Edward Manno, who are part of the Neurointensive Care Unit at Cleveland Clinic, discuss the benefits of early mobilization in patients with neurological injuries. Over the course of a year, Klein tracked 600 patients with brain injury, getting more than half of them up and out of bed as early as the first day they were admitted to the ICU. Patients who progressed in their rehabilitation early spent less time in the ICU and hospital, had decreased rates of pressure ulcers and infections, spent 51% less time on ventilator therapy, and reduced overall hospital costs by 30%.

    Listen to or read about the story here.

    Additional information regarding Kate Klein's study is available here on the Clinical Resource Center.

    This story originally aired July 6, 2015.

  • Early mobilization with safety equipment optimizes recovery, experience and safety for patients (Video)
    Cleveland Clinic | 2016

    Early mobilization with safety equipment optimizes recovery, experience and safety for patients (View Video)

    In this video, the Cleveland Clinic demonstrates their use of the Progressive Mobility protocol in their Neurointensive Care Unit. This story, told by a patient and their family, provides a powerful example of early mobilization practices. 

  • The Cleveland Clinic, mobility and safe patient handling care path.

    Developed by the Cleveland Clinic Neurological Intensive Care Unit. How getting patients up and moving can impact their recovery, reduce complications, decrease time in ICU and save money.

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