The Extra Resource Burden of in-Hospital Falls: a cost of falls study.
Morello, et al. | The Medical Journal of Australia. | 2015


Objective: To quantify the additional hospital length of stay (LOS) andcosts associated with in-hospital falls and fall injuries in acutehospitals in Australia.Design, setting and participants: A multisite prospective cohort studyconducted during 2011e2013 in the control wards of a falls prevention trial(6-PACK). The trial included all admissions to 12 acute medical and surgicalwards of six Australian hospitals. In-hospital falls data were collected frommedical record reviews, daily verbal reports by ward nurse unit managers,and hospital incident reporting and administrative databases. Clinicalcosting data were linked for three of the six participating hospitals tocalculate patient-level costs.

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  • Care Settings: Acute Care
  • Clinical Focus: Fall Prevention
  • Content Type: Journal Articles