VersaCare Reduced Fall Rate Case Study

To improve efficiency and patient safety, a community acute care hospital stopped the use of disposable bed alarms in favor of built-in bed exit alert and bed safety status monitoring systems. To standardize equipment and protocols, 20 Hill-Rom® VersaCare® beds were implemented. Before implementation, the hospital’s
medical and progressive care units were experiencing 1 fall every 10 days. After implementation, there were no falls reported during the 119-day follow-up period resulting in an estimated savings of $18,444 in fallrelated treatment costs. The hospital will save an estimated $55,000 annually by not purchasing, stocking, and discarding disposable bed alarms. Additionally, if the current reduction in fall rate is maintained, the facility will save up to $68,000 annually in fall-related treatment costs for a total annual savings of $123,000.

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  • Care Settings: Acute Care
  • Clinical Focus: Fall Prevention
  • Content Type: Case Studies