Health Care-Associated Infections: A Meta-Analysis of Costs and Financial Impact on the US Health Care System
Zimlichman E, et al. | JAMA Internal Medicine | 2013

Hospital-acquired infections can significantly harm patients and increase healthcare costs. Zimlichman, et al. conducted a systematic literature review to determine the attributable cost of different HAI's. Quality improvement initiatives can greatly decrease HAI incidence and overall cost. Specific costs of the top five most frequent and most preventable HAIs are provided.

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  • Care Settings: All Care Settings
  • Clinical Focus: Infection Prevention
  • Content Type: Journal Articles
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  • Reference: Zimlichman E, Henderson D, Tamir O, Franz C, Song P, Yamin CK, Keohane C, Denham CR, Bates DW. Health care-associated infections: a meta-analysis of costs and financial impact on the US health care system. JAMA Internal Medicine. 2013; 173(22): 2039-46.