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Hill-Rom® Clinical Resource Center

Helping you implement evidence-based programs with connected technologies

Hill-Rom® Clinical Resource Center

Pressure Injury Management

Clinical Tools

  • Identifying Gaps, Barriers, and Solutions in Implementing Pressure Ulcer Prevention Programs
    Jankowski I, et al. | Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety | 2011

    This project identified 3 major barriers to pressure ulcer prevention program implementation: limitations in staff education and training, poor communication of at-risk status, and insufficient quality improvement evaluation of bedside practices. The study noted insufficient clarity for selecting and securing appropriate therapy surfaces. Guidelines were identified for addressing these barriers. 

  • Pressure Ulcer Prevention Toolkit
    Joint Commisson Resources | 2012

    This toolkit provides practical and effective strategies and tools for mitigating and preventing pressure ulcers. The toolkit includes examples of organizations who have demonstrated success in preventing and treating pressure ulcers and it’s purpose is to educate staff at other organizations to apply similar strategies and initiatives

  • Safe Skin® Program

    A full toolkit designed to help you design, implement and measure a pressure injury prevention and treatment program in your facility. 

  • Pressure Injury Staging Guide and Braden Risk Assessment

    This tool is designed to help caregivers classify pressure injuries as Stages 1-4, DTIs or unstageable. It includes images and descriptions as defined by the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP).  It also includes the Braden Scale, a tool designed to help caregivers evaluate a patient's risk for developing a pressure injury.

  • WOCN® Surface Selection Algorithm - Web Tool

    The WOCN Society and Hill-Rom have teamed up to provide a web-based patient specific tool using the evidence-and consensus-based guidelines for pressure ulcer prevention and treatment.

    Get the WOCN Consensus Statement

    Read the WOCN press release

  • Microclimate Management: So Much More Than Just Airflow
    Lachenbruch C | 2017

    This whitepaper discusses factors impacting the skin microclimate and describes the ideal combination of airflow, temperature, and surface material for preventing skin breakdown.

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