Role of Bed Design and Head-of-Bed Articulation on Patient Migration
Davis K, et al | Journal of Nursing Care Quality | 2015

Repositioning patients in bed puts both patients and caregivers at risk.  Patients experience shear and friction which are risk factors for pressure ulcers, while caregivers who are repositioning patients are at risk for lower back injuries.  This study examined the influence of hospital bed design on patient migration. Over 180 trials, Bed A (Hill-Rom® Progressa® bed system) showed 85-86% (p< 0.001) less patient migration and 34% less torso compression compared to current alternatives.  Three in four subjects preferred the Hill-Rom® Progressa® bed system. The author concludes that optimal bed design should reduce patient migration which may lead to clinically significant reductions in health risks to patients and caregivers.

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  • Care Settings: All Care Settings
  • Clinical Focus: Pressure Ulcer Management
  • Content Type: Journal Articles
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  • Reference: Davis K, Kotowski S. Role of Bed Design and Head-of-Bed Articulation on Patient Migration. Journal of Nursing Care Quality. 2015.