Pressure Ulcer Prevalence in Bariatric Patients – Data From the International Pressure Ulcer PrevalenceTM Survey 2009
VanGilder C, et al. | 2009

This study of data from the 2009 IPUP survey focused on pressure ulcer prevalence by BMI and weight distribution revealed the following: the percentage of extremely obese patients increased from 18.3% to 20.6% in 2008-2009, 36% of survey patients have a BMI >30, and pressure ulcer prevalence is higher in patients weighing >300 lbs

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  • Care Settings: All Care Settings
  • Clinical Focus: Pressure Ulcer Management
  • Content Type: Abstracts / Posters
  • Reference: VanGilder C, et al. Poster presentation: National Association of Bariatric Nurses Annual Meeting and Conference; November 4-6, 2009; Orlando, FL.