Aggressive Pulmonary Secretion Clearance Intervention in Long-term Acute Care (LTAC): A Treatment Protocol Using the MetaNeb System
Coleman E, et al. | Advance for the Long-Term Care Mangement | 2011

This article describes the impact of a device delivering continuous high-frequency oscillation (CHFO) therapy and aerosol therapy and continuous positive expiratory pressure (CPEP) in mechanically ventilated patients by evaluating quality improvement records from 2009-2010 and during the first 5 months of 2011. The incorporation of this device improved rates of weaning from mechanical ventilation from 82% to 88%. In the first 5 months of 2011, 100% of patients were successfully weaned from mechanical ventilation. Furthermore, the need for therapeutic bronchoscopy decreased from 2009-2011.

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  • Care Settings: Acute Care
  • Clinical Focus: Respiratory Care
  • Content Type: Journal Articles
  • Reference: Coleman E, et al. Advance for the Long-Term Care Management. 2011.