Effect of High Frequency Oral Airway and Chest Wall Oscillation and Conventional Chest Physical Therapy on Expectoration in Patients With Stable Cystic Fibrosis
Scherer TA, et al. | CHEST | 1998

14 patients with stable cystic fibrosis were enrolled in a randomized trial comparing high-frequency oral airway oscillation, high-frequency chest wall oscillation, and conventional chest physical therapy on airway secretions and pulmonary function. There were no significant differences in augmenting effects on sputum weights between these strategies. High frequency oscillation approaches have the potential to reduce health-care costs since they can be self-administered. 

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  • Care Settings: Acute Care
  • Clinical Focus: Respiratory Care
  • Content Type: Journal Articles
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  • Reference: Scherer TA, et al. Chest. 1998;113:1019-1027.